Debit Cards

Lost or Stolen Debit Card?

During regular business hours, call (913) 352-8437

After hours, call (800) 383-8000


Keep Your
                        Debit Card Working Smoothly:

  • Notify the bank or Shazam immediately if your card is lost or stolen.
  • Get cash back when you use your card to purchase merchandise.
  • Use your PIN!  Using your PIN is always the safest way to use your debit card, especially when shopping at merchants such as pharmacies, gas stations, grocery stores or home improvement stores.
  • Your debit card is designed for daily purchases of gas, groceries, etc. it is not a credit card and should not be used to hold a reservation.
  • Do NOT give out your debit card or account information to unsolicited contacts by phone or e-mail! Farmers State Bank or Shazam will NEVER ask you for your PIN!
  • If you will be traveling outside of Kansas or Missouri, including travel to a foreign country, please let us know before you leave town and we can put a Travel Exclusion on your debit card.  The Travel Exclusion includes the dates you will be traveling and the countries/states you will be visiting.  This should greatly reduce any issues you may have using your debit card while you are out of town!
  • Consider using a PayPal account linked to your checking account for any online transactions/purchases.  You, the customer, and we, the bank, both have much more control over your checking account than the debit cards.  Once a debit card transaction is authorized, it cannot be stopped by either of us!
  • Be wary of websites that offer you something for “free” and then require you to enter your debit card information.  Most likely it is a “free-trial” and you will eventually be charged if you do not cancel it in the allotted time frame.
  • Due to a large number of fraudulent transactions originated on international websites, we are limiting the use of our debit cards to merchants based in the United States.  We do not anticipate this affecting many, if any, of our customers’ legitimate transactions, however, if you do have trouble with one, please contact us at (913) 352-8437 and we will be happy to assist you.

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